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There is no shortage of scaffolding companies in London, we believe there are over 2000 registered scaffolding companies! Finding a good one can be more challenging than you think. If you are looking to hire scaffolding in London than finding a local scaffolding company near you is our recommendation, consider the following example, a scaffolding company operating from South London will charge you more money to install your scaffolding if it has to travel to North London to erect you scaffold!

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What A Good Scaffolding Company Do? A good scaffolding company or professional scaffolders will style down a design scaffold to its very essence and be able to choose a functional structure layout. Scaffolding companies can be involved as much or as little as the client desires when access is required. Many clients who hire a scaffolding company in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool or anywhere else in UK, particularly those who are involved in external refurbishment of properties have a good sense of how the scaffolding should look, and what products they should use when the scaffolding structure is complicated. Clients will insist to use the cheapest and most economical option, but is it safe to use cheap scaffolding? On a highly risk industry, we say no no! A designed scaffold will need to start from scratch, especially if the scaffold is beeing installed in a commercial building or new built home.  A good scaffolding company will figure out exactly what the client needs, which includes, every part of the building you need to get to, any potential risks to the structure, load spreding, taking care of scaffold base, protecting the building if is listed etc...  That means sometimes the scaffold company will have to recruit help from other parties whith a design scaffold to help create the perfect scaffolding structure. Here are some related scaffolding companies to complement their work for scaffold designs and build & scaffolding related projects: Top 10 London Scaffolding Companies, Birmingham's 5 Best Scaffolding Companies, Temporary Roof Scaffolding Specialists, Kent's Top Scaffolding Companies. Questions to ask when you meet with local scaffolders or scaffolding companies near you   Can you give me 3 past project referral? (It makes a big difference to talk with a client who's worked with the your scaffolding company before.) Can I see your scaffolding portfolio? When will the scaffold start and how soon can be done? Do you charge an hourly rate or a flat rate ( Lump Sum )? Find a scaffolding company in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Kent, or anywhere in UK on Narrow your search to your location.  Find scaffolding companies or scaffolders near me on Scaffolders Board Before you hire a scaffolding company or scaffolders near you, shop through our network, we have over 500 local scaffolding companies. You can read through customer reviews, check out their profile and past projects and then invite to quote the best scaffolding companies or local scaffolders near you.



OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU: As a team of professionals at Scaffolders Board ,we have worked hard to build an enviable reputation asbeing the “go-to” when you need to find scaffolding companies that comply with all safety standards anywhere in UK. Our commitment to you is based on: The highest standards of quality scaffolding work and workmanship The ability to complete any scaffolding projects you have in mind anywhere in Uk. Flexibility to meet your needs. Those with firm design in mind can rest assured your exact requirements will be followed. Those in need of residential small work will find our members invaluable. Timescales on any project agreed in advance and keep to schedules. Realistic prices that reflect the high standard and quality of work, experienced and qualified scaffolding companies only.


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Scaffolding collapsed in Reading leaving three people injured and triggering HSE in to investigate the incident, it is thought part of the building collapsed on to scaffolding, with the latest collapsing on the street and hurting three pedestrian as they where crossing the street. The three injured people where a site worker and a couple who had been passing by, all three were taken to hospital with luckily minor injuries. The main contractor who contracted the scaffolding contractors, McGee said it was also investigating and would and will be provide further updates when facts are available, Thames Valley Police closed the nearby car park, but has since reopened it for drivers to collect their vehicles. The derelict shopping center is being demolished as part of a £500m housing and retail development at Station Hill in Reading.


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