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Independent scaffolds are used for commercial and residential purposes. They are not specific to a certain type of building and they do not use that building as a means of support. This is because each ledge contacts the building in multiple places, keeping it stable while supporting itself the entire time.

What Is It

Independent scaffolds are the most commonly used type of scaffolding there is. Instead of tying into bricks, independent scaffolds are supported by an inside row of standards. Each row is then connected by ledgers that support the transverse transoms.

Independent scaffolds are erected away from the building but are then attached to it at certain points. For example, the inner-most row should be as close to the building as possible.Each row of standards come with a base plate and are fitted by diagonal braces for stability.

There should be little distance between the lines of standards so the cor…

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Tower Scaffolds

Tower scaffolds, also known as access towers, are great alternatives to ladders when you need to work at height. They have large, safe work platforms to hold workers and their tools and materials. The large platform ensures you don’t need to reposition the structure often either.

Tower scaffolds towers are self-supporting. This means they do not have to on the building, compromising the safety of someone standing on it. This also makes it a very practical high-level access solution. 

We use steel and aluminium for our scaffold towers. Aluminium, in particular, is one of the best materials to use as it is very light while being highly durable. We also have glass fibre towers to use around electrical sources. This is the safest option since glass does not conduct electricity.

Our experts will work with you to find the best tower scaffold to meet your requirements. They come with everything you will need to work at your best, while always kee…

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Temporary roofs are essential for waterproofing when assembling a scaffold structure, especially in the UK when it seems to rain every other day. 

If you are waiting for a roof repair, don’t expose it to the rain, wind and snow. Our temporary roofs are ideal for protecting your building from water damage and other harsh weather. 

We have several corrugate temporary roof solutions available. Corrugated sheeting (the tin hat system) is the most popular solution. One of the main reasons why is that it is compatible with both a 450mm or 750mm alloy Layher or Haki beam system. 

Layher and Haki scaffolding beams are used for all sorts of temporary roofs, including for support. They are very reliable and durable, making them perfect for creating a scaffolding framework for a temporary roof. 

When it’s time for construction, we always ensure to add working-at-height edge protection and safeguarding. We also cover the build…

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Scaffolding Companies

If You Searched For Scaffolding Companies Near Me, You Are in The Right Place

We have scaffolding companies near you who are dedicated to delivering excellence in scaffolding hire, whether you require friendly advice or need to hire scaffolding for urgent repairs, we are on hand to help you find a local scaffolding company that offers scaffolding service that you are looking for.

Our reliable support for scaffolding service is offered throughout London and UK nationwide.

Over the years we have helped numerous customers find scaffolding companies for their scaffolding services, offering professionally handpicked local scaffolding companies that comply with all health and safety regulations. We have developed and refined the services to ensure that we are always offering our customers the best scaffolding companies that offer reasonable prices, and offer fixed scaffolding cost. Our customers benefits are competitive rates alongside great workmanship every time. Our services range from scaffolding hire, to question answered service, answers by our members as well as opportunity to read each company profile and invite them to price your scaffolding work. We have teams of highly trained companies that are able to use their excellent scaffolding skill and expertise no matter the challenges any project might bring.

If you are looking to hire scaffolding in London than finding a local scaffolding company near you is our recommendation, consider the following example, a scaffolding company operating from South London will charge you more money to install your scaffolding if it has to travel to North London to erect you scaffold!


The location of the scaffolding contractor can have an impact on project pricing, schedule, no quick turnaround if needed as the longer the scaffolding company has to travel, the more they are going to charge, Simple, and we know that from experience, so take a look at our website for scaffolding companies near you! We have been advising for years regarding Locations, and using Local Scaffolders Near You.