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Whether you require friendly advice or need to hire scaffolding for urgent repairs, we are on hand to help you find a scaffolding company that offers the service you are looking for. Our reliable support service is offered throughout London and Uk nationwide. Over the years we have helped numerous customers with their scaffolding services, offering professionally handpicked local scaffolding companies that comply with all regulations.

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Scaffolding Hire Know-How

Construction company owners will often be thinking of commencing new construction projects. Similarly, homeowners might consider remodelling or expanding their homes. In both situations use of scaffolding will be necessary. Scaffolding can be necessary access mean for revamping, cleaning or maintaining large buildings. This makes it apparent that few projects in the construction industry now days can commence without the use of scaffolding. When you need scaffolds, you will undoubtedly consider the type of scaffolding that best suits your needs. Prior to that, you will need to find a reputed and experienced scaffolding company.

Scaffolding hire companies can be easy to find in London and other UK cities. Many of these will promise to offer similar services as they use the same equipment. However, in terms of quality and cost, huge differences could exist from one company to the next. Therefore, finding the best outfit from among 2000 London scaffolding companies becomes important. You will undoubtedly want your project to conclude, safely, in time and within your budget. For this, you will need to compare various scaffolding companies on parameters such as:

Schedule Keeper!     

Are you worried about making the right decision when it comes to finding the best scaffolding company? Fret no more as we have over 500 scaffolding companies to choose from for your London project. Always remember, the cheapest price isn’t often the best one!

Four Things You Should Know When Hiring Scaffolding      

There is no shortage of scaffolding contractors in London, Manchester, Bermingham or UK, but finding a good one can be more challenging than you think. Given the serious nature of scaffolding work and the risks associated with it, it’s imperative that you choose the correct scaffolding company. Below we have outlined the items you should pay attention.

1. Website

A lot can be said about a company by its website and the information it shares with the public.
Are they very responsive in getting back to you regarding any enquiries you have sent to them.
An expert should get back in touch with you within an hour of any online enquiries or telephone call. if not then this may suggest that they are too busy to facilitate any other work and this can be an issue when time comes to supply!

2.   Past Projects

Any Scaffolding Company should be able to show you examples of scaffolding projects similar to yours that they have completed in the past. It isn’t possible to have all projects listed on a website, but any reputable company would have photographs stored on file of every project completed regardless of how big or small, don't be afraid to ask for the disclosure of the past clients' details so you can get some feedback on the company, any good scaffolding company will happily share the information, if they refuse you know what to do.

3. Experience

Find out how long the scaffolding company has been in business, you would want to be looking at someone with a minimum 3+ year, so you have the peace of mind that they know what they are doing, given the risks associated with scaffolding you can never be too careful. At Scaffolders Board we have over 10 years experience and growing when it comes to making scaffolders aware of legislations as well as informing you the public with information associated with scaffolding.

4. Service Area

We have been screaming for years regarding this!

A company operating from South London will charge you more if it has to travel to North London to erect you scaffold!
The location of the scaffolding contractor can have an impact on project pricing, schedule, no quick turnaround if needed, the longer the scaffolder has to travel, they more they have to charge! Simple, and we know that from experience!

That's why we have created to connect you with your Local Scaffolders where you can get scaffolding costs from local members and see their ratings. Click Here To Get A Quote

If you have a commercial or residential scaffolding project in mind, and scaffolding services is required, our scaffolders are ready and waiting to tender.

By giving them the opportunity, we guarantee to deliver the best possible price, on timed schedule, and the scaffold structure finished to the highest standards.

Experience Saves Money on Scaffolding and Cost's


There are a number of factors to understand when considering to hire scaffolding. Firstly, remember that most scaffolding quotes involve a high amount of labour costs, and transport of materials to job site. This means that prices will vary considerably, not only regionally, but because of skill level.

Unsurprisingly, London continues to be the most expensive area to get Scaffolders' in. But even in other areas, prices may still remain high because the skilled and experience this trade requires.

It’s definitely wise to weigh up the pros and cons of hiring scaffolding, those starting out compared to companies who’ve been in the industry for years. Anyone can put up a house front scaffold for a residential property say, 2 story high, but bridging in, covering up a temporary roof or finish a cantilevered scaffold aren’t always easy.

There’s also wise to think about safety, trusted firms are more likely to leave a garden as they found it rather than disappearing into the sunset as you deal with broken flowers, scratched walls, cut telephone wires or broken driveways.

Extras Will Eat into Your Budget

If you’ve only budgeted for cost over a telephone conversation, then you may get a nasty surprise when scaffolders turns around and explains the amount of additional work they need to do. For example, bridge over conservatory, allow access into property by removing this, rubbish bins were on the way, flower pots needed reinstating, parking was too far from the job, that takes time and costs extra money in labour.

There’s also the hire element to think about. The last thing you need is to have your scaffolders halfway through a job demand money for hire!


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Keep Scaffolding Costs Low by Hiring Out of Season

There are certain times of the year when scaffolding companies are extremely busy and, as a result, labours are short and prices are higher. The summer is a peak season so try and avoid this period if possible. During low season months such as early in the year, you may be able to find cheaper prices as scaffolding contractors scramble for work.


Essential Questions to Avoid a Nasty Sting

If you’ve decided to hire scaffolding, there are a few important questions to ask before you agree on any contract. Firstly, it’s important to get a fixed price, lump sum for the work to erect dismantle deliver and collect, including hire for an amount of time and ask for extra hire allowance if we have a wet season and time is lost from rain. Though a scaffolder might offer a reasonable rate, your budget will quickly spiral out of control, if problems occur and the work takes longer than first agreed than hire charges will bite you.

Finally, despite professional scaffolders getting great prices, it’s extremely important to ask for a fixed price for a period of time and a clarification if the price includes, Installation and delivery as well as dismantling and collection.
If you need scaffolding and are unsure where to find professional scaffolders.



Our specialist scaffolding services

Coverinf all commercial sectors, residential properties of every design regardless of your proposed project size, whether that be a requirement for a small scaffold tower, or full on scaffold to a large building exteriors.

If you are looking for scaffolding companies in London, or anywhere else in the UK, but are not sure if your project is to big or to large for a company, than AD YOUR PROJECT ON BOARD and let our members quote it based on their capacity and save time on calling around.

We have developed and refined the services to ensure that we are always offering our customers the very best scaffolding solution. Our customers benefits are competitive scaffolding cost, alongside great workmanship every time. Our services range from scaffolding hire, to question answered service, answers by our members as well as opportunity to read each company profile and invite them to price your scaffolding work. We have teams of highly trained companies that are able to use their excellent scaffolding skill and expertise no matter the challenges any project might bring.




OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU: As a team of professionals at Scaffolders Board ,we have worked hard to build an enviable reputation asbeing the “go-to” when you need to find scaffolding companies that comply with all safety standards anywhere in UK. Our commitment to you is based on: The highest standards of quality scaffolding work and workmanship The ability to complete any scaffolding projects you have in mind anywhere in Uk. Flexibility to meet your needs. Those with firm design in mind can rest assured your exact requirements will be followed. Those in need of residential small work will find our members invaluable. Timescales on any project agreed in advance and keep to schedules. Realistic prices that reflect the high standard and quality of work, experienced and qualified scaffolding companies only.


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Scaffolding collapsed in Reading leaving three people injured and triggering HSE in to investigate the incident, it is thought part of the building collapsed on to scaffolding, with the latest collapsing on the street and hurting three pedestrian as they where crossing the street. The three injured people where a site worker and a couple who had been passing by, all three were taken to hospital with luckily minor injuries. The main contractor who contracted the scaffolding contractors, McGee said it was also investigating and would and will be provide further updates when facts are available, Thames Valley Police closed the nearby car park, but has since reopened it for drivers to collect their vehicles. The derelict shopping center is being demolished as part of a £500m housing and retail development at Station Hill in Reading.