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Cost-effective scaffold solutions in Kent, count on for safety, performance and full compliance.


DC Access Systems Ltd can service your requirements with a range of scaffold solutions throughout Tonbride Kent. We will provide a full scaffolding service including delivery, erection, dismantling and removal from site.

Our team of scaffolders are skilled in all aspects of scaffolding, if we provide you with a quote, you can be sure you are getting exactly what you need, this ensures that the safety of your job and the people on it and around it are never compromised. Whatever the size or location of your site, we will have a fit-for-purpose scaffold solution to suit your scaffolding requirments in Kent, Ashford, Cantebury, Maidstone or Tonbridge, wherever your project is, we cover the entire Kent locations.


All our equipment is thoroughly inspected upon arrival from client sites to ensure that its structural integrity is fully intact before its passed on to another scaffolding project.

We take great pride in the condition of our products so that you can count on safety and practicality at all times.

Contact us if you are looking for scaffolding companies in Kent, or near you for a customised scaffolding solution, our quotes are split so that you only pay for exactly what’s needed for the job at hand and not overcharged for a service you do not require.

We will examine your requirements and devise a quote based on the equipment needed, how long it will be on site, delivery, erection and removal.

We guarantee to provide the most up to date scaffolding equipment and offer competitive pricing.


DC ACCESS SOLUTION LTD offers different scaffolding solutions for builders, painters, roofers, carpenters, building maintenance crews, electricians, roof cleaners, renderers, stone masons, and seasonal decorations, so invite us for a quote to see the difference that we can offer on your scaffolding costs.



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