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Kenley Scaffolding company

We specialize in scaffolding everything. We've seen everything from large commercial ventures to small residential tasks and are proud to tailor a niche product to suit your needs. No job for us is too small or too big-so call us! With over 50 years of combined experience, we are proud of integrity, quality, and security, with all our work done by trained and experienced workers. We at KS Scaffolding offer a versatile product with affordable scaffolding rental prices from a small residential scaffolding tower to a large commercial project.

Health and Safety 

When working with us, you can be sure that not only the most efficient but also the most environmentally friendly way we will conduct our tasks. That's why both individual and corporate bodies have deserted our company's profitable firms. We are very grateful for this! As far as health and safety are concerned, it is also important to properly mount and protect all the main and auxiliary ladders, handrails and lifts. For us, this is not the slightest problem, as our workers have persistent expertise in assembling and disassembling systems characterized by various levels of complexity.

Areas We Cover 

Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and the Greater London area are included.

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