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Firstly, K. B. Scaffolding (UK) Ltd based in East London, provides Scaffolding Services and Scaffolding Hire that offers top quality and affordable scaffolding services in and around London. Secondly, as our portfolio continues to grow by the day, we are striving to maintain the highest level of scaffolding services followed by all health and safety compliances. Therefore, we conduct regular inspections of our process to ensure that performance is never compromised. Moreover, we have continued to make significant progress increasing our safety standards. Finally, building up our expertise and setting up processes to help us become informed to maintain the highest standard in scaffolding.

Scaffolding Services

Domestic Scaffolding

KB Scaffolding LTD is the perfect solution for domestic scaffolding in East London. Also, whether your projects will last weeks or months, we have limitless resources and we got you covered.

We offer all kinds of domestic scaffolding services, Access Scaffolding, Temporary Roof Systems and everything in between.

Roofers Scaffolds                                                  Access Towers

Gantry’s and Loading Bays                                  Chimney Stacks

Temporary Roof Systems                                      Birdcages

Painters scaffolds                                                  Internal High Status Scaffolds

Pavement Scaffolds                                              Bricklayers Scaffolds

Commercial Scaffolding

Above all, Commercial Scaffolding hire projects are potentially dangerous considering that they are typically in dense urban areas. As a result, this is why these sites often require professional and experienced contractors. We have also been erecting hundreds of Commercial Scaffolding Hire projects over the years, safely and risk-free for both employees and customers.

Here are our commercial services:

Demolitions                                                      Scaffolding Engineering

Hotel Redevelopments                                    Commercial Construction

New Construction                                            Maintenance Scaffold for Repair, and General Maintenance

Building Restorations

Areas we cover

East London and surrounding areas.


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