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We’re certain we can help you with your scaffolding hire requirments your project might need. We tailor our scaffolding services to meet each of our customers scaffolding needs and because of our experience in this field are able to do so with an efficient cost. As a result, we offer the most competitive pricing structure where comparing scaffold costs become very easy, no phone calls, no emails, not running around, simply just post your job and receive fixed price quotes. We pride ourselves on being able to lead the way in finding you a scaffolding company in Kent, to help with your scaffolding solutions to unusual, challenging & demanding scaffold requirements. We possess exceptional expertise in this often underestimated and potentially highly complex area of the building to provide you with creative scaffolding solutions.




Kent Surrey Scaffolding Ltd

Kenley Scaffolding company We specialize in scaffolding everything. We've seen everything from large commercial ventures to small residential tasks and are proud to tailor a niche product to suit your needs. No job for us is too small or too big-so call us! With over 50 years of combined experience, we are proud of integrity, quality, and security, with all our work done by trained and experienced workers. We at KS Scaffolding offer a versatile product with affordable scaffolding rental prices from a small residential scaffolding tower to a large commercial project. Health and Safety  When working with us, you can be sure that not only the most efficient but also the most environmentally friendly way we will conduct our tasks. That's why both individual and corporate bodies have deserted our company's profitable firms. We are very grateful for this! As far as health and safety are concerned, it is also important to properly mount and protect all the main and auxiliary ladders, handrails and lifts. For us, this is not the slightest problem, as our workers have persistent expertise in assembling and disassembling systems characterized by various levels of complexity. Areas We Cover  Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and the Greater London area are included. We will be pleased to hear from you for any project you might have, so please do Invite us to quote by clicking the button below. Thank You!

Member Since 2018


Maidstone Scaffolding Ltd

Maidstone Scaffolding Ltd Kent Our scaffolding hire services can readily and within tight timelines cover all the demands of our customers. For big business projects, we can provide both long-term scaffolding hire or short-term scaffolding hire for smaller national or residential projects such as loft conversions or chimney repairs. Health and Safety  We operate in combination with the CITB skills system to secure qualified employees who meet industry requirements on scaffold stability, safety for the public and the workforce. The necessary security equipment is given to our completely skilled project teams, which is used at all times.  Areas We coverProudly serving Maidstone, Weavering, Bearsted, East Barming, East Farleigh, Loose, Downswood, Otham, Langley, Detling and many more. To find our please give us a call!  We will be pleased to hear from you for any project you might have, so please do Invite us to quote by clicking the button below. Thank you!   

Member Since 2018


RED Scaffolding Ltd

RED Scaffolding Ltd, Dartford Kent

Member Since 2020


Standard Scaffolding Ltd

Standard Scaffolding Ltd, Sittingbourne Standard Scaffolding is a leading company in the installation and scaffold hire in Kent and local towns such as Medway, Cantebury, Ashford, Maidston, Gillingham, Chatam and many other Kent locations, providing a fast and efficent scaffolding service to residential properties alike, and also a heavy-duty commercial scaffolding system used for external works at various heights in Kent and south eastern boroughs. With over 16 years of experience in scaffolding industry, our team is highly qualified local scaffolder abides to Health and Safety obligations. Our main focus is to ensure your construction site is safe and has the proper support and equipment needed for completion of the project as well as maintaining a safe enviroment. Known for our reliable and safe scaffolding services, we ensure on-time delivery and competitive prices thoughout all Kent reagon. Invite us for a Quote today!

Member Since 2020

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